Welcome to the AMS Group of companies. Headquartered in Luxembourg, we are a technology company providing solutions to the financial industry in Europe.

We provide software solutions to the European Investment community, IT services to Luxembourg based companies and we contract IT professionals to work at client sites. Visit web sites of our companies to learn more, by clicking on the links beside.

AMS FinSoft S.A.

Since 1999 AMS FinSoft has been developing software to support the needs and challenges of companies in the Fund Industry. Our Software supports Fund Management Companies and Fund Service Providers alike.

From solving complex problems such as retrocession calculation management to making software that fits the specific needs of the industry, AMS FinSoft has a practical understanding of how the Fund Industry operates and can deploy in pretty much any environment, no matter how complex.

AMS Systems PSF

AMS Systems PSF supply’s and manages IT to small and medium sized businesses in Luxembourg. Our services cover every aspect of your businesses IT requirements.

From supporting the day to day needs of your employees to managing the roll out of new applications, we take the stress out of your IT so that you can focus on your business.

IT Services that your business can depend on!

AMS Consulting

AMS Consulting provides contract IT professionals to organisations across Europe. With an extensive database of IT professionals, we can analyse the needs of our clients and match them with the appropriate skill sets required.

Since 1999, AMS Consulting has been placing IT Professionals with organisations from both the Financial and Healthcare industries and has a reputation for providing quality individuals who can get the job done.

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Harogate, North Yorkshire
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Tel. (+44) 1423 527 733